Creative Camp Day 3

Today was the day for finishing the grey Cambie dress with modified neckline. Late yesterday I’d taken a little nick out of the fabric when repositioning the invisible zipper. Last night I thought I could rescue it, but this morning I looked at it in the daylight and decided to replace one side of the back skirt – I had plenty of fabric so it was a sensible decision. As the fabric has some horizontal stretch the front neckline stretched out woefully so I hand gathered the seam allowance and then stitched on some ribbon as stay-tape. I had to bring it in about 1 1/2 inches in total! With a bit of steam the main fabric eased in nicely and stopped the impressive gaping.

In a brief break in the rain we had a photoshoot on the deck. Despite the sleek A-line, there is still enough room in the skirt for a bit of silliness.

Some magpies joined us for lunch. They came yesterday too, so I’d saved some steak trimmings for them after watching them wolf down the moths that had battered themselves to an untimely death against the uncurtained windows.

I’ve also been sewing some underwear, but I am sure the internet can cope just fine without seeing that! I’ll wear it tomorrow and see if it’s comfortable.

Me-Made-May report: Worn this morning – newly minted grey trousers, purchased top. Then the even newer Cambie dress to a retirement party back in town, covered with a Renfrew top because it was so freaking stormy and horrid. And a polar fleece jacket whenever outside too.