WIP: Grey Coat

Still a way to go before it is finished. Over the last week my coat (number 22) from Patrones Extra  #10 has moved from this:

to this:

* all seam allowances pinned under roughly at the front. The waistline seam lines up in real life. Note to self – take note of these things *before* taking the photo.

I bought the magazine in Melbourne back in March this year and knew that I wanted to make this coat, it’s taken a while to get started.

Participation Cat likes the ironing board, and was using the tailors ham as a pillow for her nap. They were warm after some pressing work.

But I did get to use it later to pin out the button loops.

Tonight I have been working on the sleeve heads. Next up: Shoulder pads, facings and then cutting the lining.

Alterations for short stuff – 3.5cm off bodice length, 3 cm off the total collar height. I didn’t muslin the whole coat,¬† just the bodice so had to re-do the waist line on the real garment.

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