I was so happy with my as yet unblogged Green Tiramisu dress that I made another one over the Christmas Break. In the middle of the year I found some great striped jersey at Spotlight, and bought a metre or so of each of four variations to encourage them to stock more nice knits. Which meant I didn’t have enough for a stripy Tira until I thought to combine two of the same colour way. So from two and a half metres I made a 3/4 sleeve Renfrew and a slightly shorter than designed Tiramisu.


Matching up the stripes became a lot easier once I called some 5mm wide fusible webbing into action to stick the edges together and then overlock/serge.


During and after the first make I tweaked the pattern a bit – reduced bodice length, narrowed the midriff.

For this make I also made it a bit shorter – above the knee to fit it on the fabric I had available. The less drape fabric makes it stand away from the body more in the skirt than my other drape version. Both work well, so I have a long sleeved grey or blue merino version in my sights for winter.

The only change I would make next time with a striped version would be to make sure the stripes inside the pocket are going in the same direction as the outer fabric – straight down the side seam. If you are stabilising the seam allowances here anyhow you don’t need to worry about stretching.

Seriously an easy to make, and even easier to wear dress. If you don’t already have this pattern head to http://sewingcake.com and make an investment! StephC has done a great job. Definitely re-make-able.



3 hours Kimono Wrap Top

Source: http://3hourspast.com/2012/02/11/kimono-wrap-top-pattern-is-live-and-merino-fabric-giveaway/ 

Time to make: 3 hours from cutting out to taking these photos

As Stephc says: “It’s a heavily adapted version of Advance 7701 from the 50′s.” The pattern actually has two versions – the wrap we’ve all seen Steph’s photos of and also a draped front cardigan version without the ties.


Oh so quick to put together! I would say about 40 minutes of the three hours was overlocking and then hemming the neck/front opening/ hem edge. What can I say, an unfinished edge looks unfinished to me. I also stopped for a cup of tea.

I wore this out last night to a show and the high neck and wrap around gave a lovely snuggly feel while also feeling ‘dressed’. I added the optional sleevebands for the same reason – I made a pattern piece for these as I tend to forget to cut them out otherwise.

The centre back seam also got the optional fusible stay tape. The seam in the back visually works really well. Made in bold stripes you’d get a fab chevron effect.

I played around later last night with the tie and decided I also like it tied in the back – I get a nice soft bow and this makes the whole top softer looking. A good move from more to less formal. My husband commented that the fabric choice will also make it move from casual to work wear. I can see a nice slightly shiny grey knit in my future…


I did have a bit of trouble with lining up the pattern pieces, some had to be skewed at the edges to make the straight lines straight and the curved lines logically curved. Steph responded superquick to an email I sent in the middle of stickytaping the pattern together and things sped up from there.

Update: Steph has updated the Craftsy pattern since I bought my copy which eliminates the issues I had.

Because I *did* finish the edge of the wrappy tie part, there is less stretch there than in some other people’s makes – but it still gives me enough space to tie around my waist. Next time I might experiment with the rolled hem foot on my overlocker.

Fabric: Spotlight 62%Poly/33%rayon/5%Spandex knit with excellent recovery  and I got it out of 1.5m ($20) of 150cm wide knit. I don’t have many knits in my fabric cupboard other than merino so had a special treat of Spotlight on a Saturday lunchtime.

Notions: Strangely I had the right colour thread already. Strange because it’s not a colour I wear but it was leftovers from my kidswear market stall business 19 years ago.

Pattern: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/sewing/Clothing/Kimono-Wrap-Top–Draped-Cardigan/4803 made to ‘bracelet length’ which turned out a short 3/4 sleeve on me.

Overall – Definitely make again in some other fabrics. A good wardrobe building pattern that could look good in a range of fabrics. Also with the flexibility in sizing it would make an excellent gift project.

Update: I wore this all day Sunday to do a few batches of preserving and jam making and the comfort-factor was perfect.