I was so happy with my as yet unblogged Green Tiramisu dress that I made another one over the Christmas Break. In the middle of the year I found some great striped jersey at Spotlight, and bought a metre or so of each of four variations to encourage them to stock more nice knits. Which meant I didn’t have enough for a stripy Tira until I thought to combine two of the same colour way. So from two and a half metres I made a 3/4 sleeve Renfrew and a slightly shorter than designed Tiramisu.


Matching up the stripes became a lot easier once I called some 5mm wide fusible webbing into action to stick the edges together and then overlock/serge.


During and after the first make I tweaked the pattern a bit – reduced bodice length, narrowed the midriff.

For this make I also made it a bit shorter – above the knee to fit it on the fabric I had available. The less drape fabric makes it stand away from the body more in the skirt than my other drape version. Both work well, so I have a long sleeved grey or blue merino version in my sights for winter.

The only change I would make next time with a striped version would be to make sure the stripes inside the pocket are going in the same direction as the outer fabric – straight down the side seam. If you are stabilising the seam allowances here anyhow you don’t need to worry about stretching.

Seriously an easy to make, and even easier to wear dress. If you don’t already have this pattern head to http://sewingcake.com and make an investment! StephC has done a great job. Definitely re-make-able.



15 thoughts on “Tiramisu#2

  1. OOps, I just saw that the “plain” is actually a finer stripe -an even more clever combination. Note to self – read post fully before commenting (blush with embarrasment)

  2. Your Tiramisu is great. I love the combination of stripes at the top with the plain waist and skirt. I haven’t made my pattern up yet as it is too hot here for knits yet.

    Re your question about the Michael’s bundle- they are not very good at using flat packs, so the postage can be expensive. The last two bundles I received cost $US 84 to post 20 yards of wool (more like 25 yards, as the cutting was generous) and the cotton shirting bundle cost $67 US in postage for 20+ yards. I still find the overall cost very reasonable, as adding $3 to 5 per yard to the cost of the fabric still makes the bundle price less than a third of the price of comparable fabric, (when I can get it!) in Australia.

    • Thanks for the compliments and info re Michael’s bundles & shipping. The fine stripe is surprisingly hard to photograph! I think once I reduce my pile of shirting I might need to investigate further.

    • Photos of the green one done, just need to upload… small steps. The dress is suuuper comfortable.

    • Thanks Shelley – the fusible webbing was the trick! Look forward to seeing your tira when it’s done :-)

    • he he, I stole the idea for stripe combining from a work colleague’s dress that is made from about 5 different fabrics and looks great! thanks :-)

  3. Your Tiramisu looks gorgeous on you and what a perfect job matching the stripes. This really is a great pattern and I can’t wait to make mine :)

    • I had fun once I realised using the fusible web I got for a recent birthday would make my life easier. Can’t wait to see your version!

    • Thanks! I think I’m loving the part of the dress I can’t see most of the time the best now!

  4. This is one of my favorite Tiras-not-made-by-me I’ve seen yet. I’m so glad you love her too! :) When I was testing and wearing mine before I finalized the pattern, I thought I was onto something because I could hardly bear to take mine off and would get super cranky when they were all in the laundry and had to wear something else. ;)

    It will be absolutely di-vine in a merino…. Ooooh in a pretty winter jewel tone… I bet a sapphire or an emerald would look great on you. (Eye color?)

    • Aw shucks! [blushing] My first Tira is an emerald colour, so my winter one will just *have* to be sapphire now won’t it? and maybe a Ruby? I love the names of jewel colours almost as much as I love the colours ;-)