Swimming in Fabric

I am now the proud and slightly embarassed owner of an Olympic pool’s length of fabric. Uh, we counted it all up. Not all in the one fabric thankfully, that would be boring. Now, I hold myself and my dear husband ultimately responsible for such a state of affairs. I must say a “thank you” to my enablers  as well – Sewaholic’s Tasia for asking “How Close is your nearest fabric store?” and Rachel of MyMessings for helpfully responding to my plea in the comments for tips about Melbourne with: “If it’s a weekday or Saturday morning that you’re free it’s worth getting the 19 tram up to Sydney road in Brunswick, on the same block that the Brunswick Spotlight is on there are 4 or 5 little independent fabric stores that have some nice fabrics. Then if you walk east along one of the cross streets about 10 minutes to Lygon street you can go to Rathdowne Remnants and GJs (which has quilting and dance fabrics, a little bit of nice fashion fabric, but might not be your thing), and then you can get the tram back down Lygon street. I’ve done that little loop a few times on a Saturday morning when looking for fabrics.
Oh and if you’re after formal fabrics, I discovered Franke Stuart in Hawthorn last weekend, it has some AMAZING fabrics there and seemed very reasonably priced. It’s a short walk from Glenferrie train station.

Oh, such wise words.

Combine that advice with a weekend in Melbourne a few weeks later and kaboom! My fabric cupboard overfloweth…

Click for larger images. First up a brocade. I think this will be a feature panel on a corduroy skirt. Then the assortment of fabric to make aforesaid husband an overcoat “like on Spooks“. We kept finding ones we liked better, finishing with a black wool blend flannel from Rathdowne Fabrics. Next up a textured vertical stripe knit in black (dress for me?) and some french terry in blue (PJs for the son). Then 3 stripey knits – dark merino for LS Tshirt for son (done!), cream/blue cotton wool for stroking making into something warm and stylish for me, black and white poly cotton for a Renfrew V neck with 3/4 sleeves (already sewn). Moving right along to the explosion of colour which is the Tshirt weight knits pile. Some more obviously for bright bike riding clothing, others for leggings and PJs, and others, perhaps even to be sewn as Tshirts. Then last but definitely not least. The colourful prints. I couldn’t decide between red or green ovals in a soft drapy knit, ‘both’ was the colour I went for, the red diagonal check and blue diamonds are both lycra. Possibly a skirt of the red check and some gym tops using the blue in panels? Can you tell I’ve been feeling starved for choice with knits lately? And a lovely border poppy print of lightweight cotton that has already become a birthday present skirt for my Mother-in-Law.

The Anita Skirt

The In-Laws collected us from the airport after this trip and sat around with us going through the fabric. My M-I-L held the poppy print in her lap while picking up and putting down others. As I hadn’t actually figured out what it was for when I bought it, it was obviously meant to be hers.

Note to self: it was a good move to buy the Japanese Men’s Coat/Jacket book and invite my husband to choose which one he’d like.

I think we have enough fabric to be getting on with.

We did do a lot of other Melbourne things too – drank coffee, went to Ikea (for a single table leg, if you must know), ate and drank at Movida’s Next Door bar, went to an opening – the 25 year retrospective of Peter Hill’s Museum of Contemporary Ideas (website), and spent lovely time with family.

6 thoughts on “Swimming in Fabric

  1. From memory we came around the corner with Victoria Road from the train station and stopped at Brunswick Fabrics, another store that the red and green oval knit came from, then Anne’s Fabrics (?) which was over Albert Rd? Then unique Fabrics on the other side of Sydney Rd. Then we lugged our haul along to Rathdowne Fabrics before hopping on a tram back to the city along Lygon St. Quite a marathon! Thanks again for the tips.

  2. Argh you were here and I missed it! When did all this happen? I’m so behind on my blog reading (been down with the flu). I would’ve loved to have met you (and taken you to Darn Cheap Fabrics, the Ivanhoe cloth shop and the Fabric store too)! Next time ;)

    • Definitely a plan for my next trip to Melbourne! We were over for the Labour Day long weekend early in March mainly for visiting family. I haven’t made it to Darn Cheap Fabrics or Ivanhoe, while the Fabric Store is a firm favourite already :-)
      Perhaps we can line up a few other bloggers too and make a day of it…

  3. Lovely fabrics and I dare not ask my DH about a coat or refer him to Spooks, it would be never ending. Melbourne is very dangerous for fabrics, 7 of us headed there 3 years ago for 4 days, you really shouldn’t feel bad about your purchases, I think we all did a lot more damage.

    • I didn’t show him the Japanese pattern books! He found them at Tessuti one day all by himself and pointed out the men’s jacket one to me with a hopeful look in his eye. I set a precedent years ago by making a navy cord duffel coat (early 90′s what can I say?) and a purple silk houndstooth blazer too.