OWOP Day 4 and 5

Day 5

This is getting fun. Today I found out a colleague has been a member of Australian Sewing Guild and thinks the ASG convention she went to was the best conference ever. Funny how asking someone if they’ll be in your photo opens up different conversation rather than educational research.

Here’s my grey knot top interstate at a meeting today. Apologies for the shocking photo quality but I had to include Cheryl and her not-so-secret-anymore sewing background!

Knot top goes to Melbourne

Because the light was so dim inside, when I got home tonight I asked my son to take some photos but they turned out to be against the sun. Let’s pretend they are meant to be supersaturated and overexposed shall we? Today I just flipped the ties one over the other and it worked better than a knot on the bulky fabric. Note to self: Yeah, tidy the bench next time.

Day 4 was the day of the splodgy top. Here’s me in the garden after work. It works better with the black skirt than the speckled grey A line I wore for this day.

Look over there...

Only two more days to go and the white linen hasn’t even had a showing yet! The splodgy top will get the final day – a conference presentation in Alice Springs where it is forecast to be 34 degrees C.

One thought on “OWOP Day 4 and 5

  1. Wow you are busy. Your tops are working for you really well and I really like the diffent use of fabrics. I agree with Cheryl, as another ASG member I just love the Conventions and plan on going to Adelaide in September, are you going to join us?