OWOP Day 1 and 2 and 3

Erm, can I play catch up with my photos?

As I flagged earlier, I am using a ‘knot tie top’ as my OWOP garment for Tilly’s fab group idea – One Week One Pattern where we wear versions of the one pattern for a week non-stop.

OWOP Day 1

Saturday was a horrid day weather wise. I buried myself in polar fleece without thinking and at dinner time realised I could ‘dress for dinner’ rather than scuppering my OWOP efforts before I’d even begun.

OWOP Day 2


Sunday started crisp and bright, still with a bit to the air so I wore the same top in a layered approach with a merino tee underneath. I wouldn’t normally layer a top like this so the challenge has already got me thinking more about using my clothes in different ways. The day warmed up enough to discard the merino and enjoy the sunshine later. Looking at these photos I realise how close the living space wall colour is to this top!

OWOP Day 3


Monday Day 3: I wore my newly made grey sheeny knit version with long sleeves to work. Here’s a shot with my office roomie – Ned, he’s lying on the consultation table behind me. I work in a medical training organisation and get to share my space with a full sized simulation mannequin. Normally he’s very quiet, zipped up in his bodybag carry bag. This top feels very different being made out of knit fabric. TBH the knot is a bit heavy and pulls down the front, good thing I raised the neckline on this one!

One thought on “OWOP Day 1 and 2 and 3

  1. The thing behind you freaked me out. I thought it was a disembodied doll’s head or something. Then I read your explanation… I’m not into dolls, mannequins and things.. Headless dressmaker’s dummies on the other hand…