One Week One Pattern

Is it too late to still be considering what to wear/ make? One Week, One Pattern only starts at the end of next week doesn’t it?

One option is the Knot Top which is a copy of a favourite top I wore for years until I put my fingers through the fabric taking it off one day. I’d worn it one too many times. I made the new versions last year as one of the first garments I successfully re-created. The new variations are in white linen and a green and yellow cotton.

White Linen Knot Top

I need to sort out the tight armhole business though. I think I might not have trimmed the seam allowance back on this one sufficiently for the small seam allowance I used putting on the bias binding. I should compare the white and patterned versions to see.
Seam Sealing Tape

During the OWOP week I will have two work trips – a day trip to Melbourne, then a 3 day trip to present at a conference in Alice Springs. I need to make a version that has a higher neckline, and also consider a long or 3/4 sleeve version. I am wondering about what it would be like made in a knit fabric as I have some slightly sheeny grey knit that would be terribly useful for work. If I made a loop to thread the ties through rather than knotting them that would change up the look as well.

I could also wear the multiple pairs of Clovers I have made. Although that almost feels too easy as I wear them a lot of the time for work anyhow. It would prod me into taking in the side seams of the soft black pair which have been loitering near the sewing machine for a month or two now. It would be useful to have them back in rotation. I have a pair of navy cotton stretch capri Clovers I made over summer too in addition to the ones pictured.
3 Clovers

Or I could go choose a completely different pattern… Thursday night is the deadline to decide as the weekend will be my time to do any last minute sewing.

Update: It’s now Sunday and I have cut out two more knot tops – one in the sheeny grey knit with long sleeves, and another in a splodgy navy khaki cream poly chiffon with short sleeves. That chiffon one will be one day of the conference and the white linen the other (35 deg C during the day). I’m already realising a ‘bottom’ such as a skirt or trousers would have meant less washing mid week.

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