PJ Party!

The big reveal for Karen’s Pyjama Party!

I made two pairs of PJ bottoms and 2 tops in preparation for Me-Made-May and also so I could discard the PJ tops that now seem to be wider than they are long as they have shrunk and stretched in the wash.  The paler green stripe is a brushed cotton, the brighter green are snuggly flannellette. I had some green and pink rabbit fabric to use as highlights. The tops I made out of left over cream marle cotton ribbing from when I used to make baby and toddler clothes and sell them at a local market. So that is about 19 years old – and I still have another metre or so left. I know from past experience it will relax widthways so I made sure I put stay tape in the shoulders, and might need to add some to the back neckline. And be prepared to take in the side seams in a couple of months.

Update: I forgot to add that the pattern for the PJ bottoms was traced off a pair of shortie pjs, and the top is a Renfrew cut with extra 1 inch added at each side seam and down the arms. Is there nothing the Renfrew is not useful for???

The odd looking sample photo is included as this was also my first play with Mum’s coverstitch feature on her overlocker. The cream rib needed a little bit of adjustment on the differential feed but otherwise using the coverstitch to do the hems was easy as pie. I’m looking forward to a loan of her machine shortly.

I didn’t have quite enough of the bright green flannellette to cut the legs in one piece. So I created a ‘design feature’ of huge cuffs going the other way. I rather like it!

Karen, you wanted to know what was on my bedside reading pile?

This is the pile next to the bed, nearly all of which should be put away as I’ve finished them.

On top of the pile my kindle in her cover. On that I’ve been working through some samples of books about uncluttering and getting one’s shit together. (note size of rest of pile and you can see it is needed!)

The Stella Rimington was a re-read when I needed something with a good plot which I couldn’t quite remember. Escapism when sick.

Mollie Makes for eye candy. And sussing out cool crafty stuff in case we *do* get to London later this year.

Ken Follett – another re-read to help me sleep.

Christine McCabe – When it’s horrid out – to reconnect with the joy of gardening. Another re-read. Still part way through this.

A notebook for ideas. I prefer graph paper in my notebooks, it makes me think differently to standard lines.

Simple Chic – Japanese dresses by the bed to choose which ones to make. See sticky notes protruding from the top. I want one of each.

Alice Munro – A book of short stories. Recommended. Soft, gentle but heartwrenching.

Peppermint magazine – eco-cool/fashiony/homey. I bought a subscription for a year. Normally when I buy a subscription to a magazine they go out of business withing two years. Sorry Peppermint, I do like you really.

Squished at the bottom – Creative Serging from the local library. Gee, what some people do with overlockers is scary. But the tips for adjusting tension and turning corners are handy.

Now I’m off to put away most of those in their rightful homes.

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