Melbourne Sewers Meetup

On the weekend I joined a lovely group of Melbourne sewers. I finally got to put voices to blog names and faces. Kudos to Rachel of Boodog for organising us, and look who came:

Kat  All the whimsical things
Robyn: Sew love red
Rachel: Boo dog and me
Rachel: My messings
Kirsty (Me!): Rocket Sews
Leith: Sew Brunswick
Lara: Thornberry
Melanie: PoppyKettle
Helen: Funkbunnys kitchen garden
Christy Little Betty
Rachel: The two windmills
Sarah: Sewsquirrel
TJ: The Perfect Nose
Belle: Bella’s Collectanea of Sewing

Fabulous ladies who are blog-less.
Sue A

Kat of All the Whimsical Things collated this list from the side of a Tessuti carrier bag. How appropriate!

I didn’t take a camera so I’ve borrowed these photos from TJ and  Kat


L – R – Robyn (background), Melanie, Me, TJ

While it felt extravagant to visit Melbourne for a day, meeting everyone was like a breath of fresh air. There was much inspection of each others’ garments, fondling of fabric, and general sewing talk. It was like meeting old friends.

In the morning I went in search of buttons for the woolen jacket/coat I am making for Robin and found them at Jimmy’s Buttons in Fitzroy. While I was in the area I dropped by The Fabric Store armed with a printed ‘inspiration board’ from my son for shirt fabric. I did a once around the shop coming up with nothing much so showed the printout to one of the assistants who laid her hands on 4 options within moments. I’m glad to report he likes the two I brought home and is keen to get involved in making them. He’s already done some work both on the sewing machine and overlocker so knows the basics.

The next morning I was up at 5.30am working on the pad stitching of hair canvas to the collar. Inspiration is a great thing!

I’ll be back in late October – pencil in October 25-27th for a repeat!

9 thoughts on “Melbourne Sewers Meetup

  1. If we don’t do a meet up, I’ll take you on a fabric shopping trip that will excite and exhaust you at the same time….let me know if your interested.
    It was lovely to me you, and if I forgot to say it, I loved your dress.

  2. It was great to meet you on Saturday! Look forward to seeing you next time you’re here :) but 5:30am, wow, that’s just crazy!

    • Yes, I have the cats to thank for my early mornings, they don’t understand weekends. But it does give me a lovely quiet time before everyone else in the house wakes up.

    • It was actually your work in progress shots on your blue/purple jacket that pushed me over the edge, thinking, must do it properly! I’m working with a thick wool flannel which really needs it.

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