Creative Camp Wrap Up

After waking up early on Sunday morning, Day 5 of Creative Camp (May 27) saw the creation of a VERY loud orange pleated skirt. Which made me happy.

I used Burda 7529, a pleated skirt pattern. Initially I thought I wouldn’t have enough fabric as the corduroy was only 108cm wide. Then I realised there was a box pleat on each side seam, and I didn’t think I needed that adding to my silhouette! Deciding to remove that pleat was a good move as the cord has a reasonable amount of body.

I also sewed the bright blue lining into the ruffle skirt (yet to be photographed) and took it home to handsew the hems.

All in all, a fabulous five days of decompression prior to starting a new job. Our next one is planned for October and it’s prompted some thoughts about other, more communal sewing events too.

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